Meet an Artist of Mixed Genres

Susie sees drama in everyday things: the sweep of a dog’s tail, branches, and sky. Her work reveals her vibrant responses and has appeared in print, on television, and in other venues, including the Athens Human Rights Festival, Boston Institute of Contemporary Art, and Concord Museum of Art and Science.

Her picture book, Night n’ Day, was read on public television, presented at the Carter Presidential Center in Atlanta, and re-interpreted as a music video at the University of Georgia Department of Dance.

English-Spanish bilingual, she likes reading, performance poetry, and making art.

Dear Visitor to

The Swiss painter, Paul Klee, remarked, “Art does not reproduce the visible; rather, it makes visible.” For me, making art is my way of expressing things I cannot put into words. Many moons ago, I started designing cards as a way of communicating with my friends, and I was humbled, gratified, and surprised at the amazing positive feedback I received. Now, in response to "popular demand", I am offering these cards for sale at my e-store.











 written & illustrated by Susan Gill


Hush, Moondog!

Thump your tail.

Listen to

The wild wolf wail.



Handsome King,

Whispers Rosa,

“Taste the soup:

Bien sabrosa.”



Night owl

Lit by golden moon,

Flap your wings

To Bone-Man’s tune.



Bone-Man, Bone-Man,


Shake those bones!

Go, Man, go.



Jump and shout.

Make one big ring.


Dance and sing.